The present general terms of sale aim at defining rights and obligations of ACIDBASIC and of the Client of products introduced by ACIDBASIC on its site www.acidbasic.com (below «the Site»). They are applied in an exclusive way between the society ACIDBASIC 135 BOULEVARD Malesherbes 75017 Paris, Siret: 8881 68 976 00012 (below «ACIDBASIC») and every consumer individual visiting or performing a purchase via aforementioned Site (below «the Client»).

On the Site, ACIDBASIC allows to the Client to command online of products of mark ACIDBASIC (below «(or) Produced») according to the present general terms.

Any order performed to ACIDBASIC draws acceptance away therefore unconditionally by the Client of the present conditions. The present general terms can be changed any time and without notice by ACIDBASIC, the applicable conditions those being in force in the date of order by the Client.

The present general terms of sale are accessible permanently to following address:

http://www.acidbasic.com / fr / narrate / 3-conditions-utilisation in a computer format allowing their impression and/or their downloading, so that what the Client could undertake their reproduction or their maintenance.


2.1. Products put for sale are introduced on the site of ACIDBASIC and matched of a detailed description.

2.2. Products offered by ACIDBASIC comply with applicable norms in France.

Elements such as notably photographs, texts, styles of drawing as well as all information and characteristics illustrating and/or accompanying Products are not contractual, what the Client admits.

Consequently, ACIDBASIC could not incur the slightest responsibility in case of error or of omission of the one any of these elements or in case of modification of aforementioned elements by the suppliers and/or editors.


3.1. The Client declares to old of at least 18 years and to have the legal capacity or to be holder of a parental consent allowing him to perform an order on the Site.

3.2. The Client promises to announce to ACIDBASIC the elements of information real and necessary for the realisation of benefit object of the present conditions such as one asks him online and following his situation, notably his name, forename, address, telephone and valid e-mail for it.

The Client is responsible for consequences following from wrong or inexact transmitted information or resumption of which would be illicit.

3.3. Once placed order, ACIDBASIC addresses an e-mail to the Client confirming to her this one. He informs him about the dispatch of Products.

3.4. The Client can change his data in the (account) rubric «my count».


4.1. Any order will be validated only after acceptance of the payment.

4.2. ACIDBASIC saves right to cancel or to refuse an order in case of litigation with the Client on a previous order.

4.3. ACIDBASIC can accept orders within the limits of the available supplies. He informs the Client of the availability of Products sold on the Site at the time of the confirmation of order.

If, in spite of the alertness of ACIDBASIC, products are unavailable, ACIDBASIC will inform about it the Client by e-mail as soon as possible. The Client will then be able to cancel his order and have the already poured sums reimbursed, if necessary.

Final or temporary unavailability could hire under no circumstances the responsibility of ACIDBASIC, no more than she could not open any right to indemnity or damages in favour of the Client.


5.1. Prices shown on the Site are pointed out in euro any including French taxes (VAT French and other possibly applicable taxes), except expenses of harbour, participation at the expense of treatment of order and expenses of packing.

Expenses of harbour, participation at the expense of treatment of order and expenses of packing will be pointed out in the basket of the Client, before the final validation of order.

Prices can beings changed any time, without notice and notably in case of change of tax or economic data. Articles will be invoiced on the basis of rates in force at the time of the recording of order.


6.1. ACIDBASIC delivers the Products in France and in all countries of the European Union and can if required deliver in any country.

Products are sent with the delivery note, at delivery pointed out by the Client during his order. Delivery can be performed neither in hotels, nor in post office boxes. Delivery time pointed out on the site is indicative delays, corresponding to the medium delays of treatment and of delivery. So that these delays are respected, the Client must make sure to have announced the precise and complete information concerning delivery address (such as, notably: n ° from street, from building, from staircase, codes of accesses, names and/or from intercom numbers, etc.).

In case of delay of delivery of more than 14 working days, if the product was not sent, the Client can report order by registered letter with reception opinion and ask for the refund of his order.

If the article was sent before reception of the cancellation of order for delay of delivery of more than 14 days, ACIDBASIC will procèdera in the refund of the article and of expenses of expedition and back, in reception of this one, suit, in the origin state and with all tags.

ACIDBASIC promises to inform the Client of the evolution of the treatment of the order.

In case of harmed packages (already opened, produced missing), the Client promises to notify to the conveyor and in ACIDBASIC, by any means, any reservations in 3 days according to the reception of the product.

ACIDBASIC will not be able to be kept representative for consequences due to a transportation delay not being the fact.


The entirety of the payment must be accomplished during order. At no instant poured sums will be able to be considered to be deposits or down payments. The Client regulates his order by bank card (Visa, Eurocard / Mastercard), with his count Paypal or cashless banking, in accordance with the dispositions of the present article.

ACIDBASIC does not accept the payment by cheque. The client will have to head for other offered means of payment.

For any transaction, the Client will point out the number appearing on the front of his card, the expiry date of his card and the cryptogramme appearing overleaf of his card (three last figures).

The communication by the Client of its bank card number is worth permission for ACIDBASIC to debit its count in owed competition of the sum of its order.

No dispatch will be accepted against refund there, whatever is motive.

ACIDBASIC keeps the property of the article up to the entire payment of price by the Client. Purchases are accomplished in a reassured way. Payment solutions adopted by ACIDBASIC are 100 % reassured. For card payments banking (credit card, credit card aimed and at blue e-credit card), all information which the Clients announce to ACIDBASIC is strictly protected and guarantees compliance and security of every transaction.



Within thirty (30) days as from the reception of his order, the Client will be able to ask ACIDBASIC the return of (or of) for Product (s). This delay is unusually carried in sixty (60) days over Christmas period from November 20th till December 19th, 2020. Only packing present will be able to make the object of a return nor of a refund. This delay will be able to be spread in sixty (60) days for the exceptional periods preceding Christmas.

Returns are given since metropolitan France (Corsican and Monaco including) and most countries of the European Union. To use free returns, follow procedure by returning you on the historical page of my orders. and click on ASKING FOR A RETURN in the detail of your order.

If the Client does not like to use prepaid Colissimo service or if he performs a return since DOM-TOM another country than those of the European Union, he will have to return to his expenses (or) safe Product (s) in case he would have received a product introducing a manufacturing fault or not corresponding to the initial order of the Client. In that case, the Client will have to contact the customer service at address contact@acidbasic.com to get a back prepaid token.

Return is made at risks of the Client. The Product must have gone back to its origin packing, to its origin state, new, not carried, unwashed, accompanied so possible of the delivery note received in order.

Please address your return to following address:


135 Boulevard Malesherbes

intercom KGT

75017 Paris


A ACIDBASIC faints of respect by the Client of the present conditions, notably conditions back, will not be possible undertake refund or edition of a credit for the concerned Products.


ACIDBASIC has, for all stages of access to the site, of order process in the expedition of package or of posterior services, only an obligation of means. The responsibility of ACIDBASIC could not be hired for all disadvantages or inherent damage to the use of Internet network, notably a service break, an external intrusion or the presence of computer viruses, or of any fact qualified as force majeure, in accordance with law and with case law.


Under no circumstances the Client is authorised to download or to change all or part of the Site and notably its contents (listed products, descriptions, pictures, videos).

This Site or any part of this Site must be reproduced, copied, sold under no circumstances or exploited for commercial reasons without the express and written permission of ACIDBASIC.

Generally, all royalties, marks and other distinctive signs and rights of possession or rights of of possession intellectual appearing on the Site, will remain the full and whole property of ACIDBASIC.

The Client is therefore kept in the respect for rights of possession intellectual and will be able to use not at all marks appearing on the Site and on Products if necessary, or to give evidence of mark which would cause harm to the holder of rights, except opposite contractual disposition.

The same is true for quite other right of intellectual possession.


ACIDBASIC promises to use the confidential information of the Clients only as part of the working of its Site.

For the smooth running of order, collected data of names will make the object of a computer processing, the Client admits knowing it.

A this title, information concerning him can be announced to technical contractors of ACIDBASIC.

Moreover, ACIDBASIC will be able to apply technical means to get not personal information relating to the internauts and intended to improve the functionality of the site, for example by drawing the number of visitors on some pages.

In accordance with the law of January 6th, 1978 changed by the law of August 6th, 2004, the Client has a right of access and of correction of personal data concerning appearing in the files of ACIDBASIC. Any request must be put by e-mail in :contact@acidbasic.com or by post at following address: ACIDBASIC 135 BOULEVARD Malesherbes, 75017 Paris, FRANCE.

This computer processing made the object of a statement to the National Committee of Computer science and to Freedom (CNIL) which issued the receipt n ° 1517135 v 0 on June 29th, 2011.


In case of survenance of an event of force majeure, interested party will have to inform about it other one within fifteen (15) days as from the survenance of this event, by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.

In an express way, are considered to be case of force majeure or fortuitous case, besides those habitually kept by the case law of courts and French courts, complete or partial strikes, lock-out, riot, boycotts or other actions with industrial character or commercial litigations, cloudy civil, insurrection, war, bad weather, epidemic, blockage of means of transport or of supply for whatever reason it is, earthquake, burn down, storm, inundation, flood damage, lawful or governmental restrictions, regulation or lawful modifications of forms of marketing, of computer breakdown, blockage of telecommunications, including networks of filaires telecommunications or Hertzian, and quite other independent case of the will of parts preventing the normal execution of contractual relation.

All the obligations of parts will be hanging for the duration of the event of force majeure, without indemnification.

If the event of force majeure persists during more than three (3) months, the concerned contract will be able to be cancelled by right without indemnification for the one or other one of the parts.



If the one any of stipulations of the present conditions is declared any or not opposable by a competent jurisdiction, it will be declared not written and will not draw away the nonentity of other stipulations.


The present general terms can be changed any time and without notice by ACIDBASIC, the applicable conditions those being in force in the date of order by the Client.

The present general terms of sale are accessible permanently to following address: http://www.acidbasic.com / fr / narrate / 3-conditions-utilisation in a computer format allowing their impression and/or their downloading, so that what the Client could undertake their reproduction or their maintenance.


The present general terms are subjected to French law as regards thorough rules as rules of form. Any litigation will have to make the object of a prior try of amicable regulations.

In the absence of amicable regulations, competence is allocated in the competent French courts, nonwithstanding defendants' multiplicity or call in guarantee.


Art. L. 211-4. of the Code of consumption

The seller is required to deliver a good correspondent to the contract and answers defects of compliance existing during deliverance. He also answers defects of compliance resulting from packing, from assemblage instructions or from installation when this one was put in its load by the contract or accomplished under his supervision.

Art. L. 211-5. of the Code of consumption

- To comply with the contract, the good owes:

1 ° Being peculiar to the usage habitually expected from a similar good and, if necessary:

- correspond to the description given by the seller and have the qualities which this one introduced to the Client in form of sample or of model;

- introduce the qualities for which a Client can rightfully wait taken into account public statements made by the seller, by the producer or by his representative, notably in advertising or labelling;

2 ° Either to introduce characteristics defined by common consent by parts or to be peculiar to any special usage searched by the Client, advised by the seller and whom this last accepted.

Art. L. 211-12. of the Code of consumption

The action resulting from the defect of compliance is prescribed by two years as from the deliverance of the good.

Art. 1641 of the Civil code

The seller is kept of guarantee at the rate of defects hidden from the sold thing which make it inappropriate to the usage for which it is intended, or that diminish this usage so much, that the Client would not acquired it, or would have given only a lesser price, if he had known them.

Art. On 1648 indent 1 of the Civil code

Action resulting from prohibitive vices must be begun by the purchaser within two years as from the discovery of vice.

You can contact ACIDBASIC by mail contact@acidbasic.com.