ACID/BASIC is a French ready-to-wear house for women founded in 2020 with a biting vision of fashion and women. My name is Ruven, French born in Paris. In Fashion, I devote a true love without limits, measures or borders, and this connection started from my childhood. In the 90s, all the boys wanted their Action Man, but mine could not lack style. I took every opportunity to enlarge my collection and my miniature dressing room to customize my figurine. My thing was to mix genres.

The ACID/BASIC universe concerns this modern, free, strong, feminist and active woman for whom is constituted a wardrobe of every day and every occasion. It is the association of opposites: eccentricity and sobriety, elegance and casual or even fancy and serious. A style never frozen with diverse and varied references, which advances with us in time and gives new weapons to face the world of today. This wardrobe consists of elementary clothing designed with a sense of detail and manufactured in France, in Paris. ACID/BASIC is at the service of today's woman, offering her clothes in the casual, sports and urban style while remaining chic and feminine. Being a supporter of eclectic style I find my sources of inspiration in all types of stories, films, music, architectures and especially people of all times in photo or real. But the main idea of ​​the house is to mix the chic silhouette of the 50s, the madness of the 60s to the 80s while keeping a modernity that meets the demands of women today. Observing through the passing years, I realized that the feminine wardrobe has changed and has become more and more masculine, and it is time to accept it and adapt by feminizing this masculinity That is why that ACID / BASIC offers a range of clothing for the most part transformable, to adapt to all comforts and situations